natural-rainbow-wallpaper-hd-cool-desktop-backgroundI’ve been seeing lots of rainbows in the last couple of days. No, not the real ones in the sky, but images of rainbows popping up all through the media in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling that will allow same-sex couples to legally marry in the all 50 states. The rainbow has become the symbol not just for those who identify as homosexual but for all who identify as lesbians, bi-sexual, gay, transgendered. But hang on… the rainbow doesn’t belong to a movement, a party, or a sexual orientation.

I understand the science behind the appearance of rainbows. I remember my elementary school fascination with prisms. The fact that the light we see comes in all kinds of wavelengths that produce colors beyond even what the eye can see is still fascinating to me.

I also know that the rainbow was God’s sign to Noah as He promised never to destroy the earth again with water. Following God’s judgment of sinful humanity and His act of saving Noah, his family, and the animals, the Lord pointed to the rainbow as a sign. Each time a rainbow appeared, Noah and his descendants could be assured that God would remember His promise. (Although anyone with a modicum of Bible knowledge knows that a future worldwide judgment is yet to come.)

Furthermore, rainbows are pretty. Kids’ coloring books are filled with them keeping Crayola in business! What would unicorns walk on if they didn’t have rainbows? Where will leprechauns put their gold without rainbows? I’m a fan of rainbows!!

This is not hit-peace on the homosexual movement, but by golly I’m not surrendering the rainbow to any group. If I want to crack open my Crayolas, hold seven or eight of them together in my hand, and draw myself a rainbow, I’m gonna do it! If I want to get a rainbow-colored afro wig and sit in the stands at a football game, I’m gonna do it…okay, I probably won’t do that.  When I see a child coloring a rainbow, I’ll be thinking “awwww” not asking whether that child is straight or gay? When I see a rainbow after a summer storm, I’ll be remembering God’s faithfulness not gay pride.

Through the last few years, the rainbow has been redefined and has been identified with a select group of people. But it’s not their rainbow! God did not put the rainbow as a banner to proclaim His approval of same-sex unions. He put it there to remind us that He is all-powerful, righteous, faithful, and merciful. He put it there to delight us and to help us remember Him.

Don’t fear the rainbow. Remember why it’s in the sky, not why it’s on Facebook.

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