I never knew him, but I baptized his daughter. I never knew him, but I baptized his grandson. I never knew him, but I baptized his great-grandson. Jack Smith died this morning, but he left a legacy of faith.

To live 90 years is an accomplishment in itself, but a person can live 90 years, earn millions of dollars, be a great philanthropist, have his or her names on buildings and scholarships, but be a failure. “A failure?” you ask. “How?” The answer is simple. The true measure of success is not found in monuments marking our achievements, but in leaving a testimony of faith and faithfulness to the generations that will come behind us. Jack Smith left such a faith legacy.

His family was called to come say their goodbyes as Jack’s earthly tent, tattered and torn from his nine decades, was about to be packed away, and he prepared to leave this earth for his eternal home. As Lake, his great-grandson who professed his faith in Jesus last year, came close to him, Jack spoke these words through the oxygen mask: “Stay in church and stay in love with Jesus.”

The riches a person might leave to his or her descendants cannot compare to the testimony of faith that Jack Smith passed down to his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Generations will be blessed by such a legacy. May each of us leave behind truth wealth like this.

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