A. W. Tozer wrote: “In worship several elements may be distinguished, among them love, admiration, wonder and adoration.”

Those words started me thinking about worship, my worship and that of those who gather with me each week in a service we label “worship.” Do these elements exists in our worship experience? Do we love the Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength? Are we loving our neighbors gathered with us? Do we admire God for who He is? (“Admire” includes respect but goes beyond it to delighting in that person.) Do we experience wonder at the holiness and mercy of the Almighty? Do our hearts adore the person of God?

The alternative is that we just show up, go through the motions, don’t engage our hearts or minds, and leave no different than we came. That is a tragedy! That is not worship!!

In the Christmas season we sing “O, come let us adore Him.” Perhaps that should be what we tell one another as we prepare to gather for worship. Perhaps that is what we should tell ourselves as we stir from our nightly slumber and settle in for our devotional time.

May the Lord stir our hearts to love, admire, and adore Him. May He open our eyes to see His glory that we may experience wonder in the presence of the Creator and Redeemer who deeply desires our presence with Him.

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