Waiting – we do a lot of it.  You’d think that we’d be used to it by now – that our blood pressure wouldn’t spike and we could unlock our jaws.  We can  even be somewhat productive with wireless communication and internet.  If not productive, then at least mildly entertained by an I-pod or some such device – but we’re not.  At least, I am not.  I wait in line and the grocery store.  I wait on hold with the doctor’s office.  I wait in the tire store for a  tire rotation and oil change.  I wait and wait and wait …

Then I open the Bible, and the truth stares me in the face.  “For God alone, o my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is in him.”  (Psalm 62:5)

So, I am not only to wait on the Lord, but I am to do so in silence – no cell phone, no I-pod – in silence.  Why silence? Perhaps it is to help me listen for the voice of Him who is my Hope.  Perhaps it is to remove the distractions that keep me from His presence.  In tension I wait for the elevator music to cease and a live voice to respond, “May I help you?”  In silence, I am called to wait for the Lord.

How long has it been since I quietly waited on the Lord? More often that I’d care to admit, I run off distracted or busy.  Is He not worth the wait? Am I truly too busy to sit quietly to listen for His voice? Are the marvels of technology-at-hand more alluring that the King of Love? Wait.

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